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Welcome to the School of Digital Marketing & SEO. We provide the latest trending techniques over Digital Media. Digital Scholar offers a holistic education that encompasses all the latest concepts of the Digital World so that our graduates can effortlessly integrate themselves into the assigned industry roles. Our Founder, N Alam Munna, is a practitioner and the head of a Digital Marketing Agency, Pankouri Tech. Digital Scholar is his brainchild, conceptualized with the core idea to address the graduate-employee skills gap in the industry.

With a mission to help People learn the in-demand skills they need to achieve potentials and establish a path towards a brighter Digital Bangladesh and take freelancing as a career path to 160 million Bangladeshi, they nailed their dream, take this to the next level, going the extra mile to make their businesses successful. For the past two years, Digital Scholar has provided an opportunity for 1,200+ students to work in the marketplace. Bangladesh is on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution. Just as this is a good thing for us, it can also be the opposite of a threat. Many will lose their jobs, the impact on the economy.

The demand for skilled people is at the top of the market. Freelancing is a popular profession. The demand is increasing day by day. Learning freelancing is important if you want to survive in the global market. You can make foreign currency sitting at home. Digital Scholar has the opportunity to become a professional freelancer.

Even at a time when the whole world is in turmoil due to the epidemic, human needs have not stopped. Due to the current situation, the buyer feels it is safe to do most of the online shopping or e-commerce. So most businesses have decided to run their business online. As a result, the impact of digital marketing is multiplying around the world, and the demand for digital marketers is growing exponentially. Its impact is going to be noticed equally in our country. So while everything in the country is running on a limited scale, Digital Scholar is giving the opportunity to develop digital marketing skills in a full range.